Friday, 5 July 2013

Jointer fence customization

Even though this does not have to do totally with the final piece I think it is time I up grade my fence for my jointer.

Grey sections are the in feed and out feed tables for the jointer.

Ribs added to back for extra support.

main slide section will be secured to the outside edges of the in feed and out feed tables.

Rulers will be built into the slide table plates running flush with the surface. This is so it doesn't interfere with the out feed table and in feed table. Rulers are added to make sure fence is running parallel with out feed and in feed tables.

Locking mechanism will just be wing nuts, these will be positioned at the back behind the fence.

The outside fence material will be the plastic chopping board material. This will make it easier to clean if needing to add lubricates to it.

All connection screws will be counter sunk.

Hollow dip section to prevent blades hitting jig.

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