Sunday, 13 January 2013

Pencil, paper calculations calculations........... and more calculations

At the moment a lot of the life scale drawings are a bit of a mess and some sections need to be fixed up. I made computer drawings as well for the parts and sections of the cabinet that were based off the life scale drawings.

I made computer drawings so I wouldn't need to keep pulling out my life scale drawings. The life scale drawings were meant to be the main reference point. I will be working over a few different work shops with this final piece so computer drawings were going to be a lot better to pull out rather than a life scale drawing.

This final piece required a lot of different life scale views. In total there are about 8 large life scale sheets that display all the information of the final piece. Its not best to try and cram all the information on one life scale drawing as it will make the drawing too busy and hard to understand.

An extra view should only be drawn of the piece if there is information that can not be displayed on the previous drawing.

Originally I wanted to get a mobile white board and pin up the life scale drawings. The section/ job that I would be working on for the final piece I would have the life scale drawing for it placed on the white board. As for the others I would place them into card bard pipes to keep them clean and safe. At hand I would also be looking at the computer drawings.

When the final piece is finished I will be touching up the drawings and be going over them with black fine liner so they are more noticeable than the gray lead. Also by the end of the final piece there will be things changed.

i.e the construction methods that I thought of at the time don't work or a problem out of my control happens. i.e material maybe brittle and may have to thickness slightly more off than needed.

Most projects are not totally 100 percent from start finish. Things are always added in for improvements on design, engineering, taste etc. But even though this is the case you want to try and get the end piece to the drawings the same as best as you can.

But this is why a lot of sketch drawings are needed to see if things will work.  Research through books, Internet, furniture makers in your network and many other areas are needed as well before the life scale drawings and computer drawings commence.

These were life size cut outs of the doors  and their folding sections at different scales. I wanted to get the right size where it was not going to have doors where they were going to be too big to open or fold down that was going to push the user too far way from the cabinet.

I had to buy a

Obtaining the curve for the legs. When dealing with large radius and needing to draw them out

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