Friday, 10 May 2013

Research Vids for further steps in final piece.

I have been coming across a lot of videos mainly from the wood whisper guy that I tend to look at.

A lot of these demonstration videos I can really use for certain stages in the final piece. Now I think its best to make up a system that I can come and look at them any time that applies to my final piece.

A lot of these good videos come from and

  • (video from the wood whisper) 
Relative Dimensioning

This one comes from post 114. Relatively dimensioning. Talks about fitting up a door. Goes for about 3 1/2 mins.

This first one will come in handy when I'm installing the hinges to my doors. Even though I will be using totally different hinges the principals still apply.  

  • ( video from wood whisper)

Cutting your own veneer. 

Now for my final piece I went for commercially bought veneer. Later down the track after final piece I would like to make my own veneers since with a .6mm veneer your limited as to how much you can play with especially if your needing to make a repair.

  • (video from the wood whisper)
Finishing with dyes.

Now I'm probably not going to use dyes but you never know I may wont to tone something in the finishing stage 

  • (video from the wood whisper) 
Making a cross cut sled:

I always wanted to make a cross cut sled for my saw. Sadly I can not do this since I dont have the two channels on my saw on the multi combination machine I only have the one which is on the left. The one on the right is not there because it would interfere with the spindal moulder. 

This is another reason why if you have the space don't bother with a multi combination machine. 

I would need to look further into making a slightly different set up to this one if I could.

Sharpening a cabinet scraper:

Now this was from the wood whisper's website not he is not actually talking it is a demonstration from William Ng. I have not seen some sharpen a cabinet scraper like this and quite honestly it seems like I have been sharpening mine and burnishing mine the wrong way. I was also impressed but his sharpening water well which gives me good ideas later down the track for when further setting up my work shop. 

I would have to agree with William when he mentions not to use the the card scraper holders. I do find you don't get that much control with them and also prevents you from using other sections of the holder when certain sections become blunt. I do own one and used it for a few times and it just did not feel the same really. 

The main reason why I got it was that I found that the scraper would heat up heaps and would feel uncomfortable to use. I recommend using either some masking tape to take the heat or use a rectangle fridge magnet. The magnet will absorb the heat.

I will be drawing back to this a lot when cleaning up my veneers.

This is another one not in so much detail as the previous one but does some some other techniques of things to use that are not mentioned in the previous one. 

Japanese water stones.

This is not a research video but a short info section on japanese water stones. 

This clip is on how to use the bench grinder for grinding chisels which mainly at the moment im sharpening my spoke shave blades to get square again. I have not been shown to use the grinder so much so this really is new to me plus sharpening is one of my weakest areas that I really need to work on.

This clip also shows some tips on setting up spoke shaves and sharpening again I found this useful as well.

A bit corny but this one shows you how to make an adjustable tool holder that u place up against the grinder. 

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